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Dance to the Sound of the Moon
Acrylic on Canvas 80 x 100 cm

The urge to dance, to sing and to make music is inherent in all of us from the earliest age.
Some are better than others, and some just lose it when they grow up.

A work for Sarum Artists'  exhibition "Music of the Spheres"




"What Lies Beneath "
Oil on Canvas 40 x 50 cm

‘ Her patches are of every cut
For pimples or for scars
Here’s all the wandering planet’s signs
And some of the fixed stars
Already gummed to make them stick
They need no other sky ‘

A work for the Sarum Artists' exhibition "A Flawed Pearl"

p and c banished

"They're not one of us"
Oil on canvas. 16" x 20"

“They’re not one of us” is the cry of the people who want to hold on to attitudes, no matter how flawed. They use the call for “Unity” to attack dissenters, non-conformist, outcasts, outsiders and refugees. And, why do those defenders of their culture always seem to hide behind silly costumes?

A work for Sarum Artists' exhibition "Unity". My starting reference is Masaccio’s fresco,” The Expulsion from Eden”. Adam and Eve are the original refugees, forced out of their homeland by an uncompromising and uncompassionate authority and made to wander the world as outcasts.




50 pachs

550 Shades of Pachyderms
16" x 12" Pastel on paper

A work that took less than a week, from an idea in the middle of the night to its framing.
Why can't they all be like that?

milk and honey

"A Land of Milk and Honey?"
16" x 12" Oil Pastel on paper
Work for Sarum Artists next exhibition "Shades of Summer".

The idea behind the painting has been lurking for some time, ever since the awful images of the tragedies in the sunny Mediterranean began appearing in the media. First from Libya, then the Aegean, and now off our own shores. People fleeing their opressive and poor countries to try and reach the mythical lands of "Milk and Honey".

Damnatio memoriae

"Damnatio memoriae"
Oil on Canvas Board. 30 x 40 cm

My latest work for Sarum Artist's next exhibition "Interpretation" to be seen at Sarum College Nov 2107- Feb 2018

“Damnatio memoriae” - the Latin phrase meaning the condemnation of memory. It’s a practice probably as old as civilisation, but still in use today for anyone who offends contemporary sensibilities. It’s done in the belief that history can be easily changed by destroying statues, hiding paintings or changing the names of buildings. Just as in Orwell's "1984" - “To unperson”, was used for the same process.

After “Saint Apollonia Destroys a Pagan Idol”. Giovanni d'Alemagna. C1442.
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

l st apollonia